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Hacker Monitoring 300.000 Gmail User in Iran

Minggu, 25 Maret 2012 16.35

300 thousand users Google email service (Gmail) on Iran should accept the fact that during this communication may be spied upon by a hacker or hackers. This is because they use fake security certificate that has been designed by hackers.

Previously, users of Gmail using a security certificate from the Netherlands, issued by Diginotar. However, since July 2011 website Diginotar hackers attacked and caused 333 false security certificate can spread to various sites.

Security certificate issued Diginotar should ensure communications made by the user of a website. With the certificate, website visitors, especially email users will feel secure because the communications do not be seen by others. However, since Diginotar attacked by hackers, the entire communication from 300 thousand Gmail users in Iran becomes vulnerable.

Report violations committed hackers discovered by Fox-IT, which then issued its report on Sept. 5. Fox-IT reports indicate that the hackers were able to access an internal system for a month before DigiNotar take action.

DigiNotar has asked the Dutch government to help restore the attack. Behind it, Google and many other companies have issued updates to ensure that the false certificates could no longer be used in email service.

DigiNotar is a second security certificate victims of hackers. In March 2011, Comodo also experienced the same thing. There is evidence that the same hackers were behind both attacks. Messages sent hackers through a site stating that they have also mastered other manufacturers' Web sites security certificate.

Earlier, the Dutch government has also started an investigation to determine whether personal data of citizens of the Netherlands as a file income tax returns have also been monitored hackers. Vincent van Steen, a spokesman for the Dutch Foreign Minister, said that the ministry was working to learn more about how the intrusion occurred and how to prevent future attacks (The New York Times, BBC).

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